Avoiding Overheating During the Summer

Overheating Can Be Dangerous to You and Your Business

For those tasked with running businesses that involve the handling of heavy materials, there are a handful of factors that need to be monitored to ensure that production continues efficiently. Not only should the products being handled, the sales, and the employees be closely watched, but the equipment used to effectively move all products should be monitored as well. Without a fully operational fleet of forklifts, a business will suffer greatly. Overheating is a common issue that occurs with forklifts, and that problem tends to become more prominent during the summer months.

Overheating can cost your business countless dollars from the lack of production to expensive repair costs. This is why it is paramount for you and your employees to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your forklifts are in the proper condition to operate at their best capacity.

Even with the best care in the world, there are still forklift parts that are worn down and should be replaced frequently. This wear and tear should happen naturally and over a long period of time. Many of these parts include:

  • Coolants and Other Engine Fluids
  • Radiator Hoses
  • Engine Fans
  • Filters
  • Engine Belts

However, once aware of the areas to maintain, it becomes much easier to prevent disasters from occurring.

  • Proper Maintenance

 Arguably the most obvious and the easiest area to fix, properly maintaining your equipment can go a long way in making sure your forklift does not overheat or break down. It is important that the users of forklifts are conducting routine maintenance tasks correctly. While these daily exams may seem tedious, they can save your company plenty of time and money in the long run.

Issues like low coolant levels, worn hoses or belts, or unclean filters can be easily prevented by conducting these tasks. Damaged radiators and worn-down fans can also contribute to high internal temperatures in your equipment. These checks can also help you catch any other uncommon issues from arising. With the high temperatures during summertime, these issues can arise more frequently, increasing the importance of routine maintenance checks.

  • Being Mindful of Your Environment

The area that a forklift operates in can also play a large part in how effective it truly is. Depending on how often your forklift is used inside or outside, excess dust and debris can begin to collect in the radiator. This puts an extra level of unnecessary demand on your forklift, forcing it to work harder than it normally needs to.

If a forklift is frequently being used outside, all filters and fans should be monitored regularly to ensure that excessive debris build-up is not hindering its production. Even when operating indoors, dust from the facility floor can still be a danger to your equipment. Make sure that the environment that you’re working in is as clean as possible to prevent your forklift from picking up unwanted debris.

It is nearly impossible to avoid high temperatures in the Dallas area over the summer. These temperatures cause the liquids in your forklift to evaporate much faster than they normally would. If a forklift is being primarily used indoors, then this issue may not come about as often, but regardless, being mindful of the work area’s temperature is a must.

  • Operating Equipment Correctly

If maintenance and your environment aren’t causing overheating problems, then the attention should be turned to the operator. Frequently overloading the forklift with loads above capacity forces the equipment to work much harder than it normally would, creating unnecessary risks not only for the equipment itself but also the user and others around. Working at an increased level makes the forklift heat up faster than it would regularly.

Constantly driving a forklift at high speeds can also create more risks than needed. There is hardly a time when driving at top speeds is necessary. During the summer months, forklifts should be treated much like humans in the heat. Give them frequent breaks when operating in high temperatures to allow them to cool down.

The summertime can be an extremely busy time of year for many industries. Making sure that all of your equipment is working efficiently ensures that your business sees the highest level of productivity possible. Utilizing these tips to prevent your forklift from overheating will be critical in protecting your business from losing money and efficiency. High temperatures are a given, but overheating can be prevented anytime. To learn more on proper forklift maintenance, contact Ace Equipment today.