What not to do while operating a forklift

When operating any sort of large-scale machinery, the number one priority should always be safety. One should be properly trained, prepared, and informed before ever climbing onto the seat (or stand) of a forklift. Hundreds of accidents are caused every year because of improper forklift operation, and these accidents can result in either injuries or death. It may not seem like a complicated task to operate this machine, but it is much different than other vehicles and it is necessary to be properly prepared. Two of the most common dangers committed that lead to these accidents are typically fast or careless driving or an operator that isn’t qualified. But let’s talk about a few more of the “don’ts” to remember when operating a forklift.

#1 Do not operate a forklift if you are not qualified

Always make sure you have the proper knowledge, training, and qualification before operating a forklift.

#2 Do not operate a forklift if you are tired or drowsy

If you feel that you are tired or even if you know that you are deprived of proper sleep, do not operate a forklift.

#3 Do not operate a forklift while you are distracted

If you are distracted, it is best to not operate a forklift. This also goes for tangible distractions such as eating or drinking or multitasking while driving, it is dangerous for you and everyone around you.

#4 Do not operate a forklift after consuming alcoholic beverages

If you have been drinking or have taken a new medication, never try and operate a forklift, or any heavy machinery.

#5 Do not drive the forklift too fast

Maintain a slow and safe speed while operating a forklift. If you are speedily driving, it is much easier to lose control if something goes wrong.

#6 Do not operate the forklift if you have an obstructed view

Make sure all your views are open and clear while driving.

#7 Do not engage in horseplay while operating a forklift

Never engage in any type of horseplay when you are operating a forklift.

#8 Do not forget to slow down when the surrounding conditions are wet or slippery

Remember that when your conditions are more dangerous, such as slippery or wet, you need to operate the machinery accordingly, more carefully and slowly.

#9 Do not operate the forklift while wearing loose articles of clothing

Be sure to wear the appropriate clothing to avoid accidents such as catching of loose material into the working parts of the forklift or other machinery.

#10 Do not travel with an elevated load
Never drive the forklift while you have a full and elevated load.

#11 Do not drive towards a person that is standing in front of an item that they could be pinned against
Never operate the forklift in conditions that are hazardous or could lead to a potential accident. Always be aware of the surroundings and make sure that no one is in the driving path or near the material that is set to be moved.

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