What Are the Top Benefits of Forklifts?

There are many different reasons why a business owner or individual may be in need of a forklift. From moving heavy items into a new space to helping get a big project done more efficiently, a forklift could be a lifesaver. Forklifts are no stranger to warehouses, storage facilities, and other types of buildings, and for good reason. Without the assistance of a forklift, chances are you would have a much more difficult time accomplishing what you want to efficiently. We like to say that a forklift is the hardest working piece of equipment there is, wouldn’t you agree? This is why reliability is such a big concern when it comes to using a forklift. You undoubtedly want one that is well-maintained and in great working condition, as it will be much, much more difficult to get the job done otherwise.

Over the years the forklift industry has undergone numerous changes. Back in the day we relied on simple, diesel-powered lifts, but this style of machine can no longer meet the high demands of the workplace of today. The modern forklift is typically electric and has been manufactured in order to meet important safety and efficiency requirements. From small and compact machines to double pallet jacks and those designed for rough terrain, there are many different types of forklifts on the market today. To give you a better idea of why forklifts are such an essential part of the modern work environment, let’s go over the top benefits of these great machines.

  1. They are fuel efficient. As briefly mentioned above, forklifts of today are electric, which means they are far more fuel efficient than the gas guzzling machines of the past.
  1. They have higher load capacities. Modern forklifts are designed to lift much heavier loads than in the past. In fact, our Irving forklifts can handle upwards of 35,000 pounds, which is huge! This load capacity provides small and large businesses alike with the means to get the job done more efficiently than ever before. Keep in mind that many of our forklift rental options have a smaller load capacity, allowing you to choose the right model for your needs.
  1. They are affordable to rent. Our Irving forklift rental services make it more accessible for business owners of all different sizes to find the machine they are looking for, without spending an arm and a leg. We also offer a range of maintenance options, which will cover breakdowns, repairs, and preventative maintenance needs.
  1. They are safer than ever. Prior to forklifts, people who worked in warehouses and other facilities had to rely on practices that were less than safe. In many cases, workers would come up with customized systems for lifting and moving loads, such as using ropes, cables, pulleys, and so on. As you can imagine, these practices weren’t exactly safe. Thanks to the creation of the forklift, we have seen a drastic decline in the number of worker injuries and deaths.

Forklifts are an extremely useful and important machine in the modern workplace. If you don’t have the capital – or desire – to purchase a brand new forklift, be sure and check out our Irving forklift rentals. We also sell forklifts and offer a range of maintenance services, so don’t hesitate to contact Ace Equipment for any of your forklift needs today.