Tips To Increase Your Forklift Battery Life

When purchasing your forklift one of the first decisions you make is whether or not to go with an electric-powered lift or a gas-powered lift. A lot of businesses these days are making the decision to switch to electric forklifts as a result of high fuel prices as well as in consideration of taking responsibility for the environment. Forklift maintenance isn’t something to be taken lightly. If you want your forklift to last, you have to take care of it and regularly have it serviced. When it comes to an electric forklift, one of the most popular concerns is battery life. However, if you take the steps to properly care for your battery, it can last you almost twice as long.

1. Don’t let your battery charge get too low
You should try to not ever let your battery power get below 20%. Letting your battery charge get too low will lessen the time of its lifespan. According to the meter on your machine, as soon as it reaches the red zone, it is time to charge. Letting it go below this zone leads to overheating of various components of the battery which can damage it and lead to premature replacement. You should also note that letting your battery power get lower than 20% isn’t only going to affect your battery life but the power of your truck.

2. Skip out on the quick charges
Many businesses are guilty of engaging in quick charges, often called opportunity charges. This means, whenever the machine isn’t in use, say during a break, etc., it is plugged in to charge. This, however, can damage your battery and its lifespan. Remember that your battery’s life is based on its charge cycles, so charging it quickly here and there will lead to you needing to charge it more often to get the power out of it that you need.

3. Keep an eye on the water level of your battery
The water in your battery plays an important role. When your battery charges the water is heated up and is divided into hydrogen and oxygen, and over time the water levels can become depleted. When the water levels go down, the plates become unprotected and can lead to permanent damage. Check your water level regularly and make sure to keep it filled, but also ensure you don’t overfill your battery.

4. Be careful with fast charging
Fast charging methods are quite hard on your battery. While it may be fine to do here and there you must still be aware of the risk you are taking on your battery’s lifespan. Fast charging generates a lot of heat, which can wear the battery down much quicker.

5. Keep up with regular battery maintenance
It is normal of course that your battery will obtain natural wear and tear over time. Batteries are prone to sulphonation, where the white sulfuric acid crystals become attached to the lead plates in the battery. This causes the battery to strain in holding charge. If you notice these crystals on your battery you should call someone in to look at it ASAP.

Forklift maintenance is extremely important if you want your machine to last and continue functioning to its best ability. If you have any questions or if you are looking for a quality and trusted forklift sale, service, or rental, here at Ace Equipment we can help. As a highly recommended and experienced forklift company in Dallas, our team can provide you with the answers and forklift services you need, call us today.