Three wheel Forklift vs. Four wheel Forklift

Generally people assume that 3-wheel forklifts and 4-wheel forklifts perform the same functions, when in reality they are both made to provide different outputs. Both forklifts do have similar features, however, they are made to perform differently and have some major differences. When deciding which one is best for your needs, consider the following

  1. What kind of space do you need the forklift for and what kind of maneuverability do you require?

The 3-wheel and the 4-wheel have different turning circle ranges. The 3- wheel forklifts usually have smaller turning circles and therefore they are more suitable for navigating small spaces or smaller areas in a warehouse. The 4-wheel forklift works better for bigger spaces.

  1. What kind of load do you want to lift?

Different kinds of 3-wheel forklifts have different weight lifting capacities. An electric drive, 3-wheel forklift can be used for a lighter load as they generally have a load capacity of not more than 2500 kg. 4-wheel forklifts are more powerful and can take larger and wider loads. Some 4-wheel forklifts can lift more than 8000 kg of load. Moreover, a 4-wheel has better handling power when turning. Turning can be hazardous if not done with the right equipment. Beginner operators often make mistakes while turning the forklift, which can cause damage to the equipment, to the load being lifted and to the people around the forklift. To avoid such accidents, it is better to use a 4-wheel forklift (if you have the right space) as its extra wheel provides stability and support.

  1. What kind of surface will you be lifting and driving on?

It is extremely important to know the kind of surface you or your workers will be loading and offloading on when considering forklifts. The 3-wheel forklift is more suitable for indoor warehouses with smooth surfaces. If the surface is rough such as gravel, rock or uneven soil, the 4-wheel forklift will provide much better stability. The extra wheel in a 4-wheel forklift provides extra support and ensures smooth operation on rough flooring areas.

Buying and/or renting the right forklifts can ensure a smooth loading operation in any appropriate setting, however if you choose the wrong kind of equipment it can end in a big loss of money, time and effort. Knowing where, how and what kind of a job you need the forklift is not enough; you need to talk to the experts before you can buy or rent a forklift that is perfect for your needs. If you are looking to buy, rent or service a 3-wheel or 4-wheel forklift in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas, Ace Equipment is just the right place to go to.

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