The Importance of a Clean Workplace

Clean Workplaces can Drastically Improve Efficiency

Warehouses are where many businesses conduct much of their work. Unfortunately, these areas can become some of the messiest places in the whole business without regular maintenance. There is a constant influx of workers, equipment such as forklifts, and more that can add to the mess. As an employer or an employee, you must understand how important a clean workplace truly is.

An unkept workplace can be a difficult place to work in, presenting countless distractions and obstacles for many employees. The longer you wait, the messier it gets. Having a clean workplace should be a priority in all warehouses. Here are a few reasons to back up this claim:


Whenever a workplace is messy, employees can often become distracted by all of the clutter and debris lying in their way. Working around clutter, trash, dirt, and more can seriously decrease productivity. Cleaning a workplace limits the chances your employees can have of getting distracted. There will be far too little in their way to tempt them to focus on anything other than their job.


Probably the most obvious benefit of having a clean workplace is reducing the risk of your employees suffering any accidents and injuries. For those who are operating forklifts, this is extremely important. The visibility of workers operating forklifts is diminished while driving this machine. Any debris or trash in the way can lead to disaster for the driver and anyone in their vicinity. Clearing any debris before and after a work day can greatly improve safety in the workplace.


According to ISSA, employees take an average of 7.7 sick days every year. These sick days can cost businesses millions of dollars in revenue and productivity. Having a dirty workplace can often lead to employees getting sick easier and more frequently. Areas where employees frequent, such as the warehouse, bathrooms, breakrooms and more, should be well kept to ensure that employees are as healthy as possible.


Your workplace is often one of the many defining characteristics of your business. It says a lot about how your operation is ran as well as how your employees and products are treated as well. Having a dirty warehouse sends a message to employees and potential customers that a certain level of laziness and uncleanliness is acceptable. Employees may see this lack of a clean workplace as a sign that other acts of laziness or unprofessional behaviors are just as acceptable. For potential customers, they are left with a good first impression when they see a clean workplace, potentially increasing their chances of doing business with your company.

Having a clean workplace should be an important area of focus for every business. While this may seem very minuscule, it can lead to drastic changes in productivity and efficiency. While a little bit of dirt and cardboard laying around may seem minor, it can start to build up, leading to an incredibly messy workplace. At Ace Equipment, we understand how important maintaining your business’ workplace is to increase safety while operating a forklift and improving productivity.