Sit Down VS Stand Up Forklifts: Which one is best?

Which one is best? The traditional sit-down forklift, or the stand-up forklift? The truth is, it really depends, on a few things. It depends on your preference, what you are using the forklift for, the environment you’re using the forklift in, and other various circumstances. Many people have a tendency to jump straight to the [standard] sit-down forklift, because that is more the traditional route, but have they really considered their options in which might be best for them and the job(s) they need to get done? Let’s start out by going over a few things that you should be asking yourself before signing off on your next forklift.

• What is the work environment like that you will be using your forklift in, i.e. what is the floor type, what is the space like, are there long transport distances?
• Will you need to be maneuvering your forklift through narrow aisles or around sharp corners?
• How often does the forklift operator have to get on and off of the machine?
• Will the machinery be used for very long periods of times?
• Will the forklift operator be making long distance trips on the forklift or small hop on/hop off type trips?
• Would it increase your businesses productivity to use a stand-up forklift or a sit-down forklift?

After you’ve answered these questions, you need to take a look at each forklift, stand up or sit down, and go over the various differences that may apply to you.

As for a sit-down forklift, many companies are thinking about the comfort of being able to sit while using the forklift, which, for many people is better or more comfortable. But one thing to also consider is the mobility of working with a stand-up forklift. The operator will be free to turn their body entirely, which could make operations a bit easier, again, depending on the type of workload being done. The best thing you can do is to go over your needs and then lay them out against the operational characteristics of each machine.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the operation of the stand-up forklift will be a bit different. Not so much that it should be a deal breaker, but enough that the person operating it will have to be able to transition from one machine to the other if they are used to working with the traditional sit-down type of truck. You will need to make sure that this person will be willing to undergo the simple and short training for the efficient and safe running of the stand-up forklift.

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