New year, new forklift?

It’s that time again, the beginning of the new year. So, what does that mean? The new year presents a perfect time for people to start with a clean slate. To reevaluate their lives, as well as their businesses, and identify the places in which they need improvement, as well as, how to go about obtaining that improvement. So, with the new year and the new beginnings, a better you and a better business, you may be considering making some changes, improvements, or updates to your business. Maybe small ones, maybe big ones; and maybe even the thoughts on your mind are, new year, new… forklift.

To make sure that your business and activities among the inside operations region of your business are running smoothly, efficiently, and safely, it’s important to know when you should be replacing [renting or buying] your forklift. When you are working with older forklifts, that are less efficient and/or less safe, they become a large burden to the warehouse, slowing operations down and causing a safety hazard for the workers. Let’s talk a little bit more about the reasons you should consider replacing your forklift… And why it may be time to consider finding a trusted forklift company in Dallas and Irving.

Signs you need to replace your forklift

There are many physical signs that you may need to replace your forklift. These include visible wear and tear, cracks or distortion, worn fork blades, exposed or broken wires, or a multitude of other plainly broken or non-working parts.


When deciding as to whether or not you should replace your forklift, you should consider your current maintenance costs. The older and more worn forklifts will have much higher maintenance costs, as maintenance will need to occur much more often. You should consider whether or not this time and money spent on maintenance is worth it, and if maybe you could lessen this burden by replacing your older forklift.

Overall Costs

You should consider how often your forklift is used, and the type of wear and tear it incurs. How often is it used? How much of a workload does it incur? How heavy is the workload? The more you use your forklift, usually indicates after how long you will need to replace it. Consider the costs you are incurring currently with your forklift; would it benefit you financially to trade it in?


Safety is obviously one of the most important aspects to consider in this decision of replacing your forklift. Not only can a work-related accident be a horrible and traumatic occurrence, but it can affect you and your business heavily, financially, etc. Working with an older forklift model typically means there is a bit of a higher risk for hazard, especially if the machine has incurred broken parts, etc. 


Obviously, you want to work with parts that are efficient in getting the job done, from your workers to your machinery. Working efficiently ensures better things for you financially speaking, and for the overall running of your business, from inside operations to outside ones.

If you have more questions as to whether or not it’s time to replace your forklift, here at Ace Equipment, our Irving forklift company would be happy to help you make the decision. And once your decision is made, we would be happy to help you with forklift sales and rentals. Contact us today, and let’s get moving.