Most Important Forklift Parts

Every Forklift Part is Necessary

Forklifts contain many parts that are necessary for their operation. Every part is “important” in its own way, but there are certain parts of the forklift that hold a place above the rest. When operating a forklift, there will always be a danger. After all, this is a powerful piece of heavy machinery. Every piece of the forklift needs to be functioning at its highest level. However, without these forklift parts, the effectiveness of the machine will decrease while the potential for disaster increases.

  • Tires:

    For individuals who operate forklifts often, the fact that forklifts do not have a suspension system is common knowledge. This means that your tires are the only cushion between you, the forklift, and the ground. Forklift tires are designed to carry nearly 10,000 pounds, so they must be in optimal condition to effectively do their job. Keep a close eye on your tires to make sure there is no excessive wear and tear, or any irreparable damage done to them. Tires with cracking or chunking should be replaced immediately. Always be aware of where the wear line is on your tires, so when they are worn past the line, you can replace them before it’s too late. Knowing the type of tire can also help you know when best to replace them. As the item that keeps your machine moving, these tires need to be in good condition or the safety of the user and those around them are in danger.

  • Brakes:

    While your tires are incredibly important to the safety and effectiveness of your forklift, they cannot solve all of your problems. Due to the amount of weight the forklift is moving at all times, the ability to start and stop is crucial. The brakes on your forklift need to be operating at their highest level. Whenever your brakes are ruined or worn down, this can lead to issues with stopping. With such a large load to carry, disaster can happen without efficient brakes. However, signs for brake wear is fairly easy to recognize. Grinding noises upon braking is a usual sign of a worn-out brake shoe. Once noticed, they should be replaced immediately to avoid any future disaster.

  • Warning Indicators:

    Turn signals, brake lights, horns, warning signs, and much more. These are all grouped together because each one is just as important as the other and should always be included with every forklift. This has less to do with the actual operation of a forklift and more to do with protecting those in the same vicinity as you. These are put in place in order to prevent accidents. Many recent forklifts are equipped with LED lights that can be easily seen no matter the conditions. Warehouses are extremely busy hubs of operation, so it is crucial that while operating a forklift you have the necessary warning indicators to let your fellow workers know whenever you, your forklift, and whatever heavy load you are carrying are coming. Before every shift, it should be routine for you to check all of the warning indicators, making sure they are fully functioning.

  • Forks:

    The forks, the part of the machine which gives a forklift its name, is also an extremely valuable piece to the equipment. Forks have two long prongs that are strong enough to lift thousands of pounds. Without the fork to do the lifting, a forklift would have no purpose. Whenever a fork becomes damaged or faulty, disaster can strike. They are expected to lift enormous amounts of weight and hold them up until they are taken to their destination. However, when the integrity of the fork is compromised, it can drop the load or cause other issues in the forklift. While the forks are made of strong metal, nothing is invincible.

  • Cockpit Controls:

    Every piece of a forklift can be in the best possible shape, but if the controls in the driver seat do not work correctly, an accident can surely happen. These controls allow the driver to properly and safely maneuver and operate the forklift, keeping themselves and others out of harm’s way. Without these controls functioning properly, the driver may not be able to avoid disaster. Whether a driver needs to avoid a person or object in its way or need to slow down before they hit something, these can all be avoided with fully functioning cockpit controls.

  • The Driver:

    Everything about a forklift can be perfect. The tires can be brand new, all warning indicators can be fully operating, and the cockpit controls can be functioning brilliantly, but if the driver is inexperienced or careless, then none of the other parts can prevent an accident. Forklift accidents happen every year with the main cause for them being driver error. Having a competent and skilled driver can prevent your business from an OSHA investigation. It is extremely important for all drivers to be trained and certified in how to effectively and safely operate a forklift. Through proper training, workers can avoid any future disaster, save lives, and prevent their business from losing any money and time.

Forklifts are pieces of heavy machinery designed to carry massive loads. Whenever an important part of the machine is faulty or worn down, the driver and any individual in the vicinity is in danger. Making sure you are aware of the condition of these parts and know when to replace them will be critical to your business’ success. If you have any question regarding forklift maintenance, reach out to the forklift experts at Ace Equipment.