How to Maintain An Electric Forklift

Your forklift is an investment, and just like your normal vehicle that gets you to and from work, a forklift requires regular maintenance. An electric forklift is a wonderful option for your business in that it is easier to maintain, creates fewer emissions, and alleviates fuel costs. While there are a lot fewer moving parts in the operation of an electric forklift, the maintenance is largely focused on the heart of the machine, its battery. When it comes to good forklift maintenance in Irving, understanding how to care for the battery is important to ensure extended life and excelled performance of your battery and forklift. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure your forklift lives a long and prosperous life.


Make sure you follow the book when it comes to charging your forklift’s battery. While the battery can endure multiple recharging cycles, you must charge according to a schedule and not based on convenience. Convenience charging is often the main culprit in shortening the life of a battery. Generally, you should only recharge your forklift’s battery when it has finished an 8-hour shift or under 30% in power.

DO let your battery charge fully before disconnecting it. Discontinuing the charge before it is 100% can shorten the battery’s life.

DON’T let your battery’s charge drop too far. Discharging below 20% can significantly shorten the life of the battery.

DON’T let the battery stay discharged for a long period of time (no more than a few hours ideally).

DO stay aware of the temperature of your battery, especially when it is charging. Any exposure to excessive heat will cause the battery’s life to shorten immensely.

DO set the charger to the “stabilize” setting between every 5 to 10 charges. This helps to equalize the charge of the battery, in turn, promoting its health and life.


It is vital that you keep an eye on your battery’s water level so that it can function at full capacity. Every 5 to 8 charging cycles you should have your battery’s fluid levels checked. You will want to check server cells to make sure the levels are adequate. Around every 10 charges, you will likely need to top off your battery’s fluid levels. Only do this when your battery is fully charged. Ensure that you do not overfill the battery to allow for expansion when the truck is in use.


Once a month you should clean the top of your forklift battery with battery cleaner or warm water. This will aid in preventing and clearing any build up or corrosion. Corrosion will affect the performance of the battery as well as shorten its life. Make sure to review the safety procedures in your maintenance booklet before cleaning the battery.

Proper forklift maintenance ensures that you are making the best of your investment. A trusted forklift company in Dallas ensures that you are getting the best value for your money. Here at Ace Equipment, we can help you with forklift sales, rental, and maintenance needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.