How to get a forklift license

Having a forklift can be an extremely helpful and necessary tool for your business. And when you do have forklifts helping you complete your daily job tasks, having employees that know how, and are licensed to operate them is naturally a necessity as well. Knowing how to properly operate a forklift doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is extremely important that the person be qualified. Being qualified ensures that the operator can not only use the machine, but know how to implement all the necessary safety protocols while doing so. If you have a job that entails heavy lifting, etc., it is also likely that you will need to be licensed to work a forklift as well. So, if you are looking to become properly licensed to operate a forklift, we are going to discuss three of the routes you can take in order to receive a forklift license or certification.

Training via your employer

nrtMany businesses you may go to work for will possibly offer you training on the job. In this case, the employer will be accountable and responsible for providing you with the training to drive a forklift. The leading authority, OSHA, does not certify operators, but they do identify the standards that businesses and individuals should follow. If an employer is found to be breaking the rules, it is possible they will endure a fine of $7,000. If the situation presented is severe, perhaps an injury or fatal incident, then said employers could even face criminal liability.

Training via the employer is one of the best routes to take, in that not only will you be learning how to safely operate the forklift, but typically how to do so according to how you will be actually doing so on the job. Other advantages are that of getting to know the environment you will work in, as well getting to know the people you will be working with and how they prefer the work be executed.

Taking a course at a training school

Another option is to attend a training school to receive your forklift license. This is the best option for one who is quite new to, and lacks experience in the operation of a forklift. You will likely need and want to know the type of forklift that you will be working with when you start the program. After taking the course you will need to pass various written and practical tests.

Receiving your certification online

The final forklift licensing route we will discuss here is the online way. There are several different training schools that provide the option of taking the course online. The advantage of this is being able to take the course anywhere at any time. This is a great option for people leading busy lives. There is, however a downside to this option, which is the lack of hands-on experience. Many people don’t fully credit this method and prefer their drivers be licensed via a hands-on course or where they could have gained the proper experience.

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