How to evaluate the condition of a used forklift?

When you make the decision to purchase or rent a used forklift, there will be several factors that you consider. One of the more obvious considerations you will make will be that of the condition of the used forklift. You will want to make sure that you are getting a forklift that will function properly and smoothly, one that has not endured irreversible damage, or one that is on the edge of its last days. When you are purchasing a used forklift, there are several things you will want to look for. You will also want to carefully evaluate the forklift’s maintenance records, give it a good physical inspection, as well as take it for a test ride. Let’s go into a bit more detail as to evaluating the condition of a used forklift you wish to purchase.

#1 Evaluate past maintenance

The history of maintenance that the truck has undergone will likely tell you the most about the forklift. Make sure that it has been consistently maintained, as this will ensure a healthy machine. By looking over the maintenance records you will be able to get the best idea and know for yourself that the truck was in fact taken care of. If the forklift was regularly maintenance, then you can rest assured, as this usually means it will be in good condition. If the maintenance records are not available, it isn’t the end of the world, just make sure to have a forklift service in Dallas executed before you commit to the purchase to ensure that it is in working order.

#2 The physical inspection

You will also want to do a physical inspection yourself before purchasing a used forklift. It is best to do this alongside a mechanic in order to utilize his expertise. You can start out by checking the mast operation. Do this with a full load as well as without a load. Remember that you must be a qualified loader to engage in this inspection. Make sure that the mast operates smoothly and with a lack of binding. When moving the mast forwards and backwards, check that the channels are aligned and in proper motion. If there is any sort of attachment to the truck’s mast, etc., you will also want to check that it is working properly and smoothly.

After the forklift is warmed up, another important thing to look for is leaks. Check the transmission, mast and tilt cylinders, differential, engine, and radiator. If you do find any leaks, check to see how severe it is. If it is just a small leak, then you will want to check the source and evaluate the cost of repairing it before purchasing.

Don’t forget to check out the brakes as well, with and without a load. The forklift should be able to stop smoothly at about 1 to 2 truck’s length when traveling at 5 mph.

#3 The test drive

Whenever you take the forklift for a test drive, carefully observe how it moves. You will want to drive it in a figure 8 pattern in forward and reverse gears. Check the steering and response of the forklift is accurate. When you are finished with the test drive, be sure to check the tires as well.

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