How Electric Forklifts Can Save You Money Long-Term

When it comes to finding the right forklift for your specific purposes, you will likely find that there are many different options on the market today. We’ve discussed the various types of forklifts, including three and four-wheel forklifts, rough terrain machines, and turret trucks. The type of forklift that is best for you will depend on a host of factors, including budget, intended purpose, and the environment in which you will be operating it. There are pros and cons of all the different types of forklifts, but today we are going to look at how electric forklifts can save you money. A few weeks back we looked at the many benefits of electric forklifts, some of which included:

  • Fuel-efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Quiet
With these points in mind, we are going to now look at why forklifts are a budget-friendly option that are a great option for those thinking long-term. Before we do that, it is important to note that electric forklift technology has advanced exponentially over the years. Today’s electric forklifts can either match or outperform the more conventional combustion forklift, which is saying something. While many have gotten used to the more conventional models of forklifts, the switch to electric can actually save you a lot of money upfront and yield significant cost savings down the road.

The Facts

When discussing how electric forklifts can save you money, we must start with the topic of fuel. As mentioned briefly above, electric forklifts are much more fuel-efficient than their diesel counterparts. When you go the electric forklift route, the battery that must be purchased with the forklift essentially serves as the fuel tank. You can look at it like this – when you purchase a battery for an electric forklift, you have all the fuel you will need for the next 5 to 7 years, depending on how hard you use the machine. This means that fuel costs are basically eliminated with electric forklifts, all you will need to do is charge the battery, which is far cheaper than diesel fuel. There are other reasons why electric forklifts are so much more cost-effective than other types, such as:
  • The routine maintenance costs are much less
    • Electric forklifts do not require engine/transmission oil and filter changes or fluid top-offs, for one
  • Electric forklifts have longer service intervals, reducing the truck’s carbon footprint and overall cost to you
  • Electric forklifts last longer before the major components fail
  • There is a significant reduction in expensive maintenance costs
  • There is no need for propane or diesel fuel storage
These are just a few of the ways in which electric forklifts can help you save money. The bottomline? Opting to go the electric forklift route can save you upwards of thousands of dollars in the end, if not more. This is because of numerous factors, but namely the fuel savings. To learn more about the benefits of electric forklifts or to browse our inventory, please feel free to stop by our Irving forklift shop. We sell, repair, and service a wide range of both new and used forklifts, including electric trucks.