Here are some forklift-operating safety tips:

• Check the weather. In Texas, we all know that the weather can be quite finicky; one day you’re wearing your winter coat and the next day you’re in your swim trunks… So, make sure to check weather conditions ahead of time before hopping on the forklift, or any other heavy machinery/equipment.

• Slow down. Things tend to slow down on a rainy day, this is for a reason. Don’t take this too lightly. Make sure to take precaution and take a little more time in forklift operations on a rainy day.

• Stay focused, be aware. You’re working with potentially-dangerous equipment, being distracted leads to mistakes, mistakes lead to accidents, and accidents can lead to injuries. Be aware of your surroundings, especially on rainy days. Pay attention to the road, soil, especially; thick soil can become quite slippery after rain.

• Dress appropriately. Okay, okay, we’re not the boss of you… so why are we telling you how to dress? Because of the latter, if you’re wet and uncomfortable, it’s also likely that you’re distracted.

• Visibility is key. It’s not likely that you’d operate a forklift in the dark… I think it’s safe to say vision is a pretty important factor when operating a forklift. Make sure you are well-researched and comfortable as the operator; if you’re not comfortable operating in clear weather conditions, you certainly won’t be comfortable operating in rainy weather conditions. And don’t settle, a quality forklift cover should also be a priority.

• Protection of the equipment. Of course, the most important thing is protecting yourself and others around you, but you also need to protect your equipment. Avoid parking in any damp environments – this can lead to rust – rust can be more detrimental to this type of machinery than you might think.

• Clean the forklift after rainy-day operations. Make sure that along with refueling and your regular daily-maintenance checklist, that you also clean the forklift truck chassis, and dry any excess water left on the machine.

It’s always important to take precaution when operating a forklift, but please be extra careful on days where your surroundings are altered, and could possibly interfere with your normal operations. Here at Ace Equipment, we care about your safety. We know that the quality of the machinery you’re using is important, so if you’re looking for a caring and high-quality forklift company in DFW, look no further. If you’re looking for forklift rentals in DFW, we’re here to help. Contact us today, and remember, safety first.