Forklift safety for rainy weather

Maybe you have heard the saying, April’s showers bring May’s flowers, well here in Texas, we know the weather can be quite unpredictable. However, come March, and come April, we can usually predict that there is going to be a bit of rain. When you are operating any large equipment in rainy conditions, it is extremely important to practice safety based on that weather. There are few things that you should do to take precaution when operating your forklift in rainy weather, and when it comes to forklift safety in Dallas, we don’t take things lightly. Keep reading to make sure that you stay safe operating your forklift on a rainy day.

Be prepared for rainy weather 

Before a day of intense operations, be sure to check the weather so that you know what is coming and can be prepared. As mentioned before, we know the weather here in Texas can be finicky, therefore you need to check the forecast beforehand to know what’s coming. One day you could be wearing a coat, the next day you could be in your swimsuit, and that very afternoon you could have on your rain boots. Therefore, make sure you consistently check the weather before taking your forklift out or when operating any other heavy machinery.

Slow it down

It is often that rainy days just seem to move slower, well, that happens for a reason. Whenever you are out and about on a rainy day, it’s important to slow things down to ensure your safety, especially when you are out working on your forklift. Whenever the skies are gloomy, be sure to take a bit more precaution and a bit more time when going about your forklift operations for that day.

Keep on your toes

You should always be focused and aware when you are working on heavy machinery, but you should be extra careful when you are doing this on a rainy day. Don’t operate the forklift if you are distracted or sleepy, as this can lead to mistakes, accidents, and injuries, especially in wet conditions. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the road. Keep an eye out for soil, as thick soil tends to become quite slippery after the rainfall.

Dress appropriately

If you show up to work in clothes that aren’t suited for the rainy weather, you are likely to become wet and uncomfortable. And what does being wet and uncomfortable lead to? Distractions. And what do distractions lead to? You’ve heard it before… mistakes, accidents, and injuries.

Stay on top of visibility

Remember that on rainy days, it’s harder to see. Whether it’s pouring and distracting your view or your windshield is wet, dirty, and blurred, make sure that you take whatever precautions necessary to enable better visibility. If you don’t feel comfortable operating the forklift in the weather conditions, then don’t, listen to your gut, it is as simple as that.

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