Forklift Rentals 101

Forklifts are some of the most commonly necessary pieces of machinery when it comes to business owners’ needs. Unfortunately, they tend to be pretty pricey, it is for this reason that so many people and businesses opt for forklift rentals in Dallas or Irving as opposed to purchasing right up front.

When it comes to renting a forklift for your business, there are few things you will need to know and address beforehand. There are different kinds of forklifts, as well as different types of rental options. Therefore, you will need to do a bit of research to determine which one will be best for you, etc.

#1 Determine the type of forklift that you will need

First things first, you need to start with you and your specific needs. There are a few questions you should ask yourself about your business before you will be able to find the right forklift for the job(s)…

  • What type of work environment will you be using your forklift in? When it comes to determining the type of forklift that will be right for you and your needs, you will need to address the environment that the forklift will be used in. Consider things like whether or not you plan to use your forklift indoors or outdoors, as well as other various factors of the environment. Know the heights your forklift will need to reach. You will need this information to choose the right lift. As another one of the basics, you will also need to consider the types of materials you plan on lifting.
  • Will the forklift operator be getting off and on the machine often? If you or your employees will be consistently jumping on and off of the machinery, then you may want to consider a stand-up forklift as opposed to a sit down. Using a stand-up forklift can add ease to particular jobs that require a lot of offs and ons. Whereas, if the load lifting will be a long process, you may want to consider a sit down.
  • What is the period of time that you plan to use the forklift for? This should be considered in terms of whether or not you plan to rent or buy, as well as if you plan to go with used or new. This also goes for the consideration of warranties, parts, etc.
  • Will you be using your forklift to maneuver through narrow aisles or around sharp corners? You will need to use this information in order to determine the appropriate turn radius as well as the size of the forklift itself.  
  • How much power do you need in your forklift? You will need to decide between diesel, gas, or electric, this is also relevant to the size of the machinery you will need, the type of lift, and where you will be storing the forklift.

#2 Determine your budget

After you have determined the type of forklift you will need, you will also have to consider your budget. This will likely also factor in which type you end up going with, as well as the time period you plan to rent, etc.

 #3 Determine which rental agreement will work best for you and your business

Of course, after addressing the type of forklift you need, and what your available budget is, you will then also factor in the type of rental agreement that will work best for you and your business. This is something that your Forklift company in Dallas or Irving can help you with.

If you have questions about forklift rentals and sales, and are located in the DFW area, here at Ace Equipment, we would love to be of service. After helping determine which forklift is right for you, our team will be more than happy to assist in helping you select the right rental agreement to go with. Contact us today, and let’s get started.