Forklift Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Forklifts although extremely helpful, beneficial and valuable assets to your company, are still dangerous machines that need to be operated and cared for appropriately to ensure the safety of those in and around them. Did you know that each year almost 100 workers lose their lives while 20,000 are seriously injured from forklift-related incidents? These numbers in themselves should be enough for one to realize the importance of practicing forklift-operating safety. When operating your forklift in Irving you should be properly trained and aware of the dangers. Keep reading to learn more about the most common forklift-related accidents and how to avoid them.


One of the most common and potentially detrimental common forklift accidents is that of forklifts hitting pedestrians or running them over. In fact, almost 20% of forklift accidents involve pedestrians and nearly 40% of deaths from forklifts occur to pedestrians. The question is how do we try and avoid these horrible accidents? The best and most promising solution is to make sure all operators undergo proper training and engage in the necessary safety measures. It is important to train other workers properly to ensure they know how to be safe around these machines.

What are the solutions?
  • Proper training for operators and workers
  • Clear signage/ warning signs
  • Floor tape designating forklift zones
  • Forklift lights (blue lights, red lights) and sounds (backup alarms) to alert pedestrians of when a forklift is nearby


When forklifts are working at higher levels, the accuracy in picking up and placing pallets can be a bit riskier. This is due to obscured visuals and gravity of course. Not only do you want to avoid this accident because of its potential to damage expensive equipment, supplies, and product, but it can also be extremely dangerous to nearby workers.

What are the solutions?
  • Proper training for operators
  • Adequately equipped forklifts for specific jobs
  • Mast-mounted cameras with monitors for wider visuals for the operator


Forklifts turning over are the number one cause of forklift-related deaths. Considering the sheer weight of these machines, it isn’t hard to believe. There are different causes of these types of accidents that typically include negligent driving, sharp turns with heavy loads, driving with an elevated load, and driving too fast.

What are the solutions?
  • Proper training for operators
  • Ensuring that the forklift load is always balanced and stabilized
  • Never driving the forklift while the load is elevated
  • Directing the load uphill when driving on any sort of incline
  • Taking caution on slippery surfaces and ramps
  • Driving at slower speeds
  • Avoiding sharp turns

Safety should be your number one concern as a forklift owner or operator. As soon as these precautions are taken too lightly is when accidents happen. Make sure your staff is properly trained and aware of the dangers of forklifts. Ace Equipment is an Irving forklift company specializing in forklift sales, rentals, parts, and services. If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our forklift experts today.