Everything You Need To Know If Your Forklift Breaks

Forklifts are complicated pieces of machinery, and unfortunately complicated pieces of machinery are bound to encounter problems here or there eventually after significant levels of usage. The best way to avoid expensive and time-consuming issues, in the long run, is by running a proper check over your machine before using it every time. You should also ensure that you are taking it in for a forklift service in Dallas according to your forklift’s needs and timeline. Having the knowledge to understand the various parts, maintenance requirements, and potential issues will be helpful in the future, so, keep reading to learn a little bit more about some common problems that can happen with your forklift.


Considering that the reason you have a forklift is to use its carrying and lift capabilities, it is quite important that this part of the machine is working properly. If you notice that your lift is shaking, moving differently, or not raising and lowering as it should, then this could be a problem with the machine’s hydraulic system. Sometimes this can occur because of a clog somewhere in the system or if perhaps the hydraulic fluid needs to be topped off. You can also damage your lift by carrying too heavy of loads, which can cause the engine to overheat and lead to more than just problems with the lift.


If you notice that the steering of your forklift is not working as it normally does, then you should address this problem very quickly. Leaving steering problems for later can cause much more damage, in the long run, costing you more time, money, and effort. Often, steering problems are a result of a problem with the steering fluid levels. This is quite an easy problem to fix, which is another reason why you should get it done as soon as you notice the steering acting up. If it isn’t the steering fluid, sometimes it can be a problem with the steering gears being worn down. Regardless, you should have your forklift checked out as soon as possible.


Your forklift tires need to be regularly checked as well as replaced after they are worn. Just as you would tend to the tires on your vehicle, you need to with your forklift as well. Leaving the tires worn can cause other issues and safety hazards such as poor handling and it can even damage the suspension. It is necessary for the suspension to be in top-notch condition for the machine to be able to handle heavy loads. If not taken care of, suspension problems can lead to serious trouble.


If you are noticing that your forklift is experiencing seemingly electrically-related problems, or if the machine isn’t starting, it is commonly an issue with the battery. It could be an indication that it is time to replace your forklift’s battery.

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