5 repair tips for your forklift

Taking proper care of your forklift is of utmost importance. There are various obvious reasons, but typically it is for the reasons of saving money in the long run and making your forklift last, as well as for the reasons of resale, or if you are perhaps only renting the machine, you of course want to return it in good condition. Just like any working machine, upkeep is an important part, and there are many things that you should be doing as a part of a consistent maintenance routine, in order to ensure that you don’t need to be spending extra money on repairs. Much of it is simply about following daily maintenance routines to keep things running smoothly.

Let’s go over some of the preventative maintenance and repair tips that we have come up with for you to make sure you are keeping your forklift in tip top condition…

#1 Listen to your machine

No, we are not insinuating that your forklift can speak to you, but we are telling you to pay attention to your machine. If you notice any odd noises, any strange or off readings on the meters, lights or gages, or anything out of the ordinary while operating, make sure to inspect it. If there is anything out of the ordinary that you aren’t sure how to address, contact a company that specializes in forklift repairs in Irving. This can help you to catch any small errors or malfunctions before things have the potential to go horribly wrong, and possibly result in injuries, damaged goods, or spending a lot of money on bigger repairs.

#2 Stick to the books

When we say this, we mean follow the provided guidelines for safety and operation of the machine. Also, follow any maintenance tips that come along with your forklift, we advise you to stick and adhere to.

#3 Keep your machine and its parts well lubricated

Many of the various parts of your forklift operate by maintaining a lubricated state. To put in other words, keep these parts greased. Keeping the parts well lubricated will ensure proper function and prevent worn out bearings.

#4 Check levels regularly

Your forklift runs off of various fluids that keep the engine as well as other working parts running efficiently. From the transmission, to the hydraulic fluids, to the coolants, to the motor oil, it’s important to make sure you check these fluids regularly. If you are using your forklift on a daily basis, we would suggest you also check these various fluids on a daily basis.

#5 Keep an eye on your tires

Alongside your other regular maintenance routines, you need to make sure that you check your tires. This means making sure that they are properly air-filled, and as far as rubber tires, that they do not incur any gashes or damages. The tires keep your machine moving and balanced, and a bad tire can lead to improper functioning and even damaged goods.

If you follow consistent maintenance routines, it will help you to ensure that your forklift stays in a good and lasting condition. If you have any questions or are looking for help with maintaining or repairing your machine, you may be looking for a forklift company in Dallas. Well, here at Ace Equipment, we are a knowledgeable and caring team of forklift experts that would be happy to assist you. Contact us today, and let us help you to keep things running smoothly.