5 factors to consider when buying a forklift

Buying any piece of large mechanical equipment is a big decision. Before you buy your forklift, you would want to do adequate research before picking the right one for your warehouse, your workers, and your business. There is a pretty large range of different types of forklifts to choose from when you are buying. So, there are a few things you need to consider and a few questions you need to ask yourself and your Irving forklift company before you make the decision.

 #1 Determine the environmental factors in which you will be operating your forklift

One of the first and foremost factors to be considered before buying a forklift is the environment in which you will operate your forklift in. Consider whether or not you will be operating your forklift indoors or out. You need to determine the size of your warehouse and consider sizing factors, for instance, if your aisles are narrow, and if your corners are sharp. You will need to use this information to determine the appropriate turning radius, lift, as well as the size of the forklift itself.

#2 Determine the potential usage of your forklift

How often will you be using your forklift? If you will be engaging in low usage, less than 10 hours a week, then you could consider a used forklift for purchase. For medium usage, up to 6 hours a day, then buying a used forklift that was once a rental unit may be a good option. If you plan on high usage, more than 6 hours a day, then you will want to purchase a new forklift.

 #3 Determine how your employees will be comfortable on the forklift

You will need to consider how your employees will be using the forklift. Depending on their tasks, there are many options to choose from. You may want to consider a stand-up unit or the other many options available.

#4 Determine the power you will need

It is also important to determine the forklift size and load capacity you will require. After this determination, you will need to decide between diesel, gas, or electric. Typically, Diesel and petrol forklifts have a larger load capacity and more power than electric forklifts.

#5 Determine your budget

Any large purchase requires determining a budget. After you have determined the type of forklift you will need, you will also have to consider your budget. If your budget is low you will have less room for choice and will likely have to consider purchasing a used unit. If you are unable to find a unit that is appropriate for the job, then you may want to consider forklift rentals as opposed to forklift sales in Irving.

Making the decision can be overwhelming, so if you have any questions about the forklift purchasing or renting process, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Ace Equipment. Our trusted and reliable team will be happy to help you find the perfect forklift for you and your business.